Calculation & Simulation

  • Static and dynamic FEA-analysis for fiber composites and lightweight metal constructions
  • Damage Tolerance Analysis and fatigue
  • Product optimization
  • Preparation of all certification documents required for EASA, FAA
  • Production engineering Implementation with production-accompanying documentation as an extended workbench of a manufacturer's company

Testing and Measuring

  • Practical tensile tests of interior, StructuralFloorPanels and modifications on the primary structure
  • Natural frequency measurements of installations
  • Measurement of displacements, temperatures, strains, vibrations, accelerations, forces and angles
  • Time-synchronous simultaneous measurement for over 100 channels, Static and dynamic up to 200kHz
  • Self-sufficient measurement during flight

Product Development

  • Design and assessment of modifications on the primary or secondary structure
  • development of interior, structural modifications and special equipment
  • support for approval (windmilling, vibration & buffeting, birdstrike)

Example: Product Development Aviation

Development of a E-glass tailcone camera attachment for a line-scan camera installation in a Hawker 750.

Including development of the composite design as well as material tests with determination of material properties for the FEA-analysis and determination of the laminate structure. Furthermore static analysis by using FEA and preparation of all certification documents required for the EASA.

1. CAD-Model import
2. Insert the loads in the FEA-Model
3. Assessment of calculation results
4. Realization on the airplane